okay so really sorry about not posting at all yesterday it was a horrible day and i went to bed the second i got home from work. also not really sure who all i am saying sorry to, but yes sorry lol.

i’m not sure what all i can even explain right now because my last couple hours weren’t misery (crazy right??) but really quick i do want to say thank u to people liking my stuff and following me and the few comments i have gotten! it has made my life an ounce less tedious and dreadful. i can’t lie. and to answer one of the comments i saw about not rushing into a relationship or anything like that…. DONT WORRY!!!

i am basically going to be alone forever and i have accepted it, but sometimes i get sad spells where i literally just want to be done being alone and be with someone and be happy with someone and be in love. i don’t know if i believe in love just yet, but i guess if it is real then congrats to people who have it.

i don’t want to get married i don’t think i want kids, but i’m all too young to officially decide anything right now so my thoughts are trivial.

aside from all this i am beyond stressed out and overwhelmed. idk what to do anymore i feel so stuck in the situation that i am currently in and i need something to change before i break completely. i neeed new i need something at all. whether it be more money, a new job, cheaper bills, better friends, a secret fling, more confidence, to lose weight, a new home. anything i just know that i need something because i will not be able to carry on much longer in the state that i am in emotionally.


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